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About Rosval

More than 45 years ago, the first Rosval commercial range for the hospitality industry was produced in our factory in Best, the Netherlands. Since then, our family business has grown into the leading producer of commercial kitchens for the culinary industry.


Rosval has been at the forefront of the development, production, supply, and installation of stainless-steel products for commercial kitchens for many years. Quality and customized solutions are guaranteed. Rosval’s strength is that we manually manufacture everything exactly according to the client’s wishes. We combine this customized approach with many years of experience and an eye for detail to create the perfect concept for bespoke kitchens.

Download here our company brochure: Rosval Company Brochure 


Rosval only works with qualified professionals, which guarantees that our clients’ expectations are exceeded time and time again. This exceptional level of craftsmanship is evident in each product produced by Rosval, large or small. 

Our passion is reflected in the commercial kitchen products we produce. With all the required disciplines in-house and short lines of communication, we take care of the entire project from start to finish.


At Rosval, everything is designed, produced, and installed exclusively for the client using traditional methods. We don’t believe that one kitchen fits all. Instead, we believe in customization combined with exceptional quality. Just like all chefs are different, all kitchen requirements are different as well. A kitchen must be designed according to the wishes of the chef – this also includes the routing in the kitchen, the stainless-steel workbenches, and the appliances. Each element in the commercial kitchen needs to be of the highest quality in order for the kitchen to last. We work exclusively with qualified professionals, which guarantees that our clients’ expectations are exceeded time and time again. Quality and bespoke solutions are guaranteed!

If you are interested in finding out how this works in practice, take a look at our projects.

It is our mission to produce beautiful products with love and passion.
Our core values...


Rosval makes bespoke kitchens based on the ideas, wishes, and needs of our clients.


Rosval works exclusively with qualified professionals.

Quality that lasts

Rosval only works with first-class peripheral equipment and the best commercial kitchen technology. Our energy-efficient appliances are less harmful to the environment and significantly reduce costs.


Rosval always carries out strict quality control during and after the production process and offers a ten-year guarantee on your Rosval construction.

Premium service

Rosval has its own technical service department for assembly, service, and maintenance in order to be able to support you whenever needed.


Rosval is committed to maintain its leadership position in the sector and to always meet the latest wishes and requirements of the modern kitchen.