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Discover our products and the possibilities we offer for commercial kitchens. We have divided them into the following product groups:


Cooking, baking, grilling, and deep frying for commercial kitchens


Refrigeration for commercial kitchens


Live-Cooking buffet stations


Furniture, dishwashing systems, extraction systems, and other systems

Innovation in commercial-kitchen technology is an important element for Rosval. Rosval is committed to maintaining its leadership position in the sector and is therefore continuously working on new product innovations. 

Rosval product innovations

Rosval Easy-Cooling®

Rosval has developed an innovative, patented sealing system for your commercial kitchen refrigeration that replaces the old rubber seal. This means a considerable improvement in hygiene, time savings on cleaning costs, and also a considerable cost saving because the rubbers no longer need to be routinely replaced. Existing refrigerated workbenches can also be equipped with the Rosval Easy-Cooling® system relatively easily!

Rosval Fryer®

Rosval has developed a unique, fully automated oil filtration system in which the filter system is controlled at the push of a button. The filter system is equipped with a very fine stainless-steel filter over which filter powder is sprinkled. By pumping the oil around automatically for five minutes, there is an optimal contact time with the filter powder, which removes even the smallest dirt particles in the oil. The complete programme starts with only one push of the button.

Rosval Bakwand®

Discover our latest innovation: the Rosval
Bakwand®! This electric fryer range is made entirely to your specifications and
represents fryer range perfection for snack bars or beach pavilions which
demand high-quality equipment, high frying capacity, and ease of use. The
Rosval Fryer® fully automated oil filter system means your deep fat fryer can
be cleaned at the push of a button.

Thanks to our wide range of products, you can choose from many options that meet your needs and wishes. Your recipe is our customized solution!

The number-one producer of commercial kitchens for the culinary industry

Our extensive range of products offers many options to create a kitchen entirely according to your needs and wishes. Rosval is known as the stainless-steel manufacturer of durable products. We always carry out strict quality controls during and after the production process and offer a ten-year guarantee on our construction. As a result, you are assured of durable quality! Find your inspiration in the customized commercial kitchens we created for our clients. Your recipe is our customized solution. Curious to see how the kitchens we created for our clients look?

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