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Rosval Fryer®

Deep fryer will fully automated
oil-filtering system

Rosval Fryer®

Rosval introduces its latest innovation: the Rosval Fryer® – the deep fryer with a fully automated oil filtration system.

More information about the product

The Rosval Fryer® is equipped with a unique fully automated oil filtration system, which regulates the filtration system at the push of a button.  Moreover, the filter system is equipped with a very fine stainless steel filter, over which filter powder is sprinkled. By pumping the oil around for 5 minutes, there is an optimal contact time with the filter powder so that even the smallest contamination in the oil is removed.  

Advantages of the Rosval Fryer®:

  • With one push on the button the fully automated oil filter system is put in operation. Operated by digital touch screen.
  • Entirely (high quality) stainless steel, seamlessly welded and easy to clean by tilting elements.
  • High efficiency and high power, 17 kW.
  • Per pan 3 easy to program buttons for baking times.
  • Complete filter programme, also transferring between pans and pumping out old oil and water (after boiling out the fryer) is possible.
  • Oil can be pumped out to an external location or at the front. Water can be pumped into the sewerage system or at the front.
  • Filter and filter container are removable for cleaning in a dishwasher.
  • Electronic touch screen control displays.
  • Sublime level of finishing.

The Rosval Fryer® is the solution for the professional who is looking for a very high quality, high baking capacity and much ease of use for an attractive price!

Would like to have a look inside our kitchen? Come and visit us at the Rosval Experience Centres, where you can see and experience the Rosval commercial kitchen products. Contact us for more information or make an appointment with one of our project consultants. We’re always happy to help!