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Rosval Lease

If you want to avoid high start-up costs for the opening of your restaurant or hotel, then choose our extensive leasing service! Leasing the equipment gives you more money to invest in your business, so that your company can excel in the hospitality industry. If you want to improve an existing kitchen or just replace a few parts of your kitchen, you can also consider leasing. Although you probably would not automatically consider leasing a stainless-steel commercial kitchen, financial leasing is often a good option. 

More information about the product

Improve your financial position

At Rosval Lease, Rosval finances part or all of the purchase price of the equipment and thus remains the legal owner. However, in the case of a financial lease, you are the direct owner. The equipment is on your balance sheet, so you can write off the equipment as well. If you are liable for VAT, you can offset the VAT on the transaction with the tax authorities. That is why Rosval usually does not co-finance the VAT. If you opt for financial lease, you are also eligible for the small projects investment credit (KIA), through which you can deduct an extra amount from your profits for annual investments up to a maximum of €323,544 (2020). As a result of this investment credit and the VAT refund, you will immediately benefit from the fiscal advantages of financial lease, which will improve the financial health of your company. Moreover, you also become the legal owner once all instalments and the symbolic final payment have been paid.

Save money

Rosval Lease offers attractive monthly rates for the latest equipment. Leasing a stainless-steel commercial kitchen will help you to save your starting capital for other things. Instead of paying thousands of euros for a professional range, you can use this money for your first stock order, salary payment, or marketing budget. What’s more, you will not have any unpleasant surprises. You pay the same for the first month as for the last month, so you always know where you stand. Rosval only works with first-class peripheral equipment and the best commercial kitchen technology. Our energy-efficient appliances are less harmful to the environment and therefore significantly reduce costs.


Rosval always carries out strict quality controls during and after the production process. As a result, we offer a ten-year guarantee on our constructions. Rosval also has its own technical service department for assembly, service, and maintenance in order to be able to support you whenever needed. So, you are always guaranteed to receive excellent service!

All the advantages of Rosval Lease:

  • You keep working capital free to invest.
  • Your borrowing capacity is not affected.
  • It offers you economic and fiscal advantages.
  • You have fixed monthly charges and can thus respond more flexibly to market developments.
  • Your payment terms can be geared to the cash flow generated with the asset, such as in a seasonal pattern.
  • You determine the lease period yourself (as long as it is between 48-84 months).
  • You have the latest equipment at your disposal.
  • You receive a ten-year guarantee on our construction.
  • You are guaranteed excellent service.
  • Rosval does not require as much security as your bank.

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If you’d like to find out more about the possibilities of financial lease that Rosval offers, please contact our sales department on +31 (0)499 367 272 – option 2

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Make an appointment with one of our project consultants. During a personal conversation we talk about your wishes and needs and we will inform you of the possibilities.

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