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Charcoal oven

About the product

Charcoal oven

According to the trends of Talkin’ Food, fire is dominating a completely new generation of restaurants. We love purifying flames that lick at our artisanal foods. And is there anything more beautiful than seeing your food cooked in a traditional way over something as authentic as real fire?
The charcoal oven responds to this ‘artisanal’ trend, creating delicious fragrances in your restaurant and imbuing your dishes with authentic flavours and a sense of individuality.

More information about the product

The charcoal oven is a closed oven. The air flow can be perfectly controlled using the sliding system, so that the temperature can be kept under control. This also ensures that the charcoal is used more efficiently. The Rosval charcoal oven imbues the product with a unique smoky flavour. 

Because the door works with a counterweight, it is very user-friendly. Another element that has been carefully worked out is the ash drawer placed at the front which makes it easy to keep clean.

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