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About the product

Rosval Grill

A grill is an essential element in the professional kitchen. Rosval has three types of grills in the product range. You can opt for a stand-alone or built-in grill:

  • Rosval water-bath grill (available in built-in and stand-alone)
  • Rosval lava-stone grill (built-in option only possible in a Rosval range)
  • Rosval robata grill (built-in option only possible in a Rosval range)

More information about the product

Water bath grill

This product is unique to Rosval. The water bath ensures a high level of humidity, which keeps the product moist and ensures maximum volume. When you add spices to the water bath, your products are infused with a unique flavour. The grills can be fitted with one, two, three, or four elements and are available in two depths of 310 mm and 490 mm.

Aromatic grill

The Rosval Aromatic Grill is unique due to the combination of the water bath, wood chips, and the lid.

Meat, fish, and poultry are grilled at a high temperature. The water bath ensures that the product remains tender and juicy and that the structure is preserved, and the wood adds a special aroma. As an added bonus, it looks great too! 220 volt.

Robata grill

The robata flame grill is the most innovative grill on the market. The robata grill has an even heat distribution system and can be used with charcoal or wood for extra aroma. 

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