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Salamander grill

About the product

Rosval Salamander grill

The Rosval Salamander Classic SSR RHC / SSR HLC is incredibly compact. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it can be used in any room and can even be integrated into the ceiling. The Salamander is available as a tabletop model and as a wall-mounted model.

The Rosval Salamander is of exceptional quality. The stable design guarantees a long service life, even if the machine is in daily and continuous use.

In addition, the Salamander has an automatic detection plate, allowing it to detect plates and bowls and switch itself on and off automatically. Thanks to the fast heating system, you save valuable energy when gratineeing. 

More information about the product

The advantages of a Rosval Salamander grill:

  • Automatic plate recognition
  • Accessible from three sides
  • Two heating systems: Tubular and Hilight
  • Compact dimensions (GN size)
  • No unnecessary heat in the kitchen
  • Thanks to the sleek finish, cleaning is extremely easy.
  • Consistent quality is guaranteed because the machine automatically shuts down after the entered cooking time.
  • You can choose from three operating modes: manual, semi-automatic, and automatic.

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