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Stand-alone products

About the product

Rosval Stand-alone products

A number of our products are also available as stand-alone products. This means that the product stands on its own and is not built in. In addition to our stand-alone products, Rosval also has drop-in units, such as the water-bath grill.

Rosval delivers various stand-alone products:

  • Rosval induction wok
  • Rosval induction griddle
  • Rosval water-bath grill

More information about the product

Induction wok       

The Rosval induction wok is a unique option for your kitchen. The wok is seamlessly integrated into the Rosval range. Rosval also offers a stand-alone wok. A special wok pan is required for the Rosval induction wok. We recommend that you use the pans by Demeyere.

Induction griddle

The stand-alone induction griddle can be placed anywhere in your kitchen! With the Rosval induction griddle, you can cook directly on the griddle. The stainless-steel griddle can reach a temperature of 230 degrees within 3.5 minutes and is therefore extremely suitable for an à la carte restaurant. The griddle also maintains the desired temperature. Even when you completely cover the griddle with cold products, the temperature only fluctuates between 1 to 2 degrees, making the griddles by Rosval unique!

Water-bath grill

The Rosval water-bath grill is a unique product! The water bath ensures a high level of humidity, which keeps the product moist and ensures maximum volume. When you add spices to the water bath, your products are infused with a unique flavour. The grills can be fitted with one, two, three, or four elements and are available in two depths of 310 mm and 490 mm. 

Want to have a look inside our kitchen? Come and visit us at the Rosval Experience Centres, where you can see and experience the Rosval commercial kitchen products. Contact us for more information or make an appointment with one of our project consultants. We’re always happy to help!