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Refrigerated and freezer workbenches

About the product

Refrigerated and freezer workbenches

Refrigerated workbenches

We offer refrigerated workbenches made according to your wishes. Thanks to the customization, major savings are achieved in the areas of cleaning, energy, and maintenance costs. 

Freezer workbenches

Our freezer workbenches are made from stainless steel and feature built-in freezers made to measure according to your wishes. The freezer workbenches are manufactured with both drawers and doors.  

More information about the product

We have built the most innovative techniques into Rosval’s refrigerated workbenches:

  • Refrigerated drawers without rubber seals: one of our own inventions!
  • Defrosting at a time indicated by you
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerants
  • Electronic thermostat with digital temperature display
  • Option of having a central locking system installed, allowing you to lock all the refrigerated drawers with just one key!

Want to have a look inside our kitchen? Come and visit us at the Rosval Experience Centres, where you can see and experience the Rosval commercial kitchen products. Contact us for more information or make an appointment with one of our project consultants. We’re always happy to help!