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Transport systems

About the product

Transport systems

Rosval produces a wide range of serving and tray trolleys for restaurants, hotels, and institutions. Tray trolleys are suitable for the placement of trays. The extremely solid Rosval construction and the unique racking system make this trolley the ultimate solution for the transport and storage of containers, trays, and racks. Our range of tray trolleys is extremely varied, all equipped with the sophisticated functionality and quality you have come to expect from us. 

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We also supply serving trolleys, which are ideal for quickly transporting large quantities of food, crockery, or other necessities silently. The Rosval construction guarantees a long lifespan, high quality, and a beautiful design. The serving trolleys are available in many versions with two or three shelves and with or without water barrier. In addition, the special anti-vibration plate prevents noises caused by vibrations.

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