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Hotel Antwerpen

Van der Valk Hotel Antwerpen is a four-star hotel which joined the Dutch Van der Valk Hotel group in late 2016. Hotel Antwerpen aims to attain a position among the top three four-star hotels in Antwerp. To achieve this goal, the hotel is being transformed into a four-star-plus hotel. Hotel Antwerpen gave Rosval the challenging task of implementing the newest innovations in this commercial kitchen.

Implementation and outcome

Rosval installed the entire design of the commercial kitchen, including a Rosval Topline stove with an induction hub, induction griddle, induction wok, pasta cooker, grill plate, and bain-marie. Additionally, the commercial range is equipped with a single, integrated, seamless top made from 2.5mm thick stainless steel. It was a fantastic project at a beautiful location.

Van der Valk Hotel Antwerpen