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On this page you will find more information about Live-Cooking buffet stations.

Live-Cooking buffet stations

Rosval is the leading specialist in the design and production of Live-Cooking buffet stations. Rosval’s Live-Cooking buffet stations can be seen in many local and international hotels. We design your breakfast buffet station and/or Live-Cooking buffet station according to your wishes.

The following products can be installed in a Live-Cooking buffet station:

  • The unique Cool-Spot product, to keep sensitive products fresh in a unique way!
  • Built-in chafing dish, soup tureens, plate lowerators
  • Cooling and/or warming drawers 
  • Buffet chillers (direct cooling) for toppings, fruit, and/or cold drinks
  • Refrigerated prep stations for cold dishes and/or salad bar
  • Built-in equipment such as induction hobs, grill plates, and griddles, etc.

Each project can be given its own look and feel in collaboration with an interior finisher.

Product categories

Our website has information on our product categories that can be used in a Live-Cooking buffet station. 

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