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This page has all the information about our refrigerated and freezer workbenches, cold rooms, refrigerated prep workbenches, buffet refrigeration, Easy-Cooling®, Rosval rubber-free refrigeration, and Cool-Spot for the hospitality industry.


Rosval is a front-runner in the innovative development of refrigeration systems and applications for refrigerated workbenches, as well as refrigerated prep station workbenches for commercial kitchens in the hospitality industry. Thanks to the customization, major savings are achieved in the areas of cleaning, energy, and maintenance costs. We have built the most innovative techniques into Rosval’s refrigeration and cooling systems.

Rosval employs experienced refrigeration installers for commercial kitchens. In addition, we are in possession of F-gas certification and the PED (Pressure Equipment Directive). The F-gas certification and PED are both European regulations and apply throughout Europe. Rosval is of course also a member of the NVKL, the industry organization for air treatment and refrigeration technology in the Netherlands.

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