Orangerie & Feestzaal ’t Krekelhof

With a view of the Albert Canal and a location close to the city centre of Hasselt, ‘t Krekelhof makes for a fine place to relax. This expressive location is where Jeroen Leenaerts and Chef Gert Maessen specialized in the following: providing dinners and hosting parties for groups of fifteen or more people in six different halls.


The deciding factor in opting for Rosval was the visit to Rosval’s factory in Best (NL). This resulted in a complete commercial kitchen design including two plancha grills and eight large gas burners.

Two large induction plates were installed in a small recessed part of the stove to ensure that home-made soups and sauces can be processed easily. The extraction hood, a veritable masterpiece, is connected to the extraction hood for the ovens and deep fat fryers thanks to a single welding seam. In other words, there is no ceiling between them, resulting in a single, aesthetic, stainless steel extraction feature on the ceiling.

A visual highlight of the kitchen is the seven-metre-long kitchen line, fitted with three zones of halogen heating lamps which can operate independently.

Hotel Sassenheim- Leiden

Hotel Sassenheim is an existing hotel that underwent a complete renovation. The client challenged Rosval to implement the newest innovations in this commercial kitchen.


At Hotel Sassenheim-Leiden, Rosval provided an entirely new kitchen design and the Live Cooking Buffet. As the kitchen is very long, the stove – complete with LED lighting – has been given a very prominent position. From their seats in the restaurant, guests can look straight into the open kitchen. View the beautiful photographs or feel free to come visit!

Restaurant Damianz Roermond

The former prison (1863) of Roermond has been transformed into a special place to stay the night: Het Arresthuis, complete with the first-class restaurant ‘Damianz’.


The outcome of our bespoke solutions is a stylish kitchen complete with special elements, such as an aquarium for the fresh crustaceans and shellfish as well as a wall-to-wall spice rack.



Het Amsterdamse Proeflokaal

Het Amsterdamse Proeflokaal is located on the Stadionplein. It represents a meeting point where everyone can taste the flavours that characterize Amsterdam.

With 1,800 m2 of surface divided over two floors, there is plenty for your eyes and ears to focus on. Enjoy your first espresso of the day in the breakfast bar, admire the Proeftafels (sampling tables), explore the Dutch Seafood Corner, or discover the Bierwereld (world of beer).


Here, Rosval installed not one, not two, but three commercial kitchen stoves, one Cool-Spot installation, one large production kitchen for celebrations and parties, and one training kitchen.

For example, when you enter you immediately see the Dutch Seafood Corner in which we installed a Cool-Spot installation. The Cool-Spot installation is a sight to see in itself. On the ground floor, we furnished kitchens with items such as a Robata Grill and a Water Bath Grill. On the first floor, we installed the large production kitchen and a training kitchen.

Het Amsterdams Proeflokaal is a welcome addition to the local venues that serve food or drink in Amsterdam.

The Market Hotel Groningen- WestCord

On 1 May 2021 WestCord has opened their newest hotel: The Market Hotel Groningen. This is the 15th hotel of the WestCord hotelgroup, which has hotels in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Leeuwarden, Delft, Groningen and Garderen and the Wadden islands Vlieland, Terschelling and Ameland.

At the ground floor, the Market Hotel has a big restaurant with two terraces facing the Grote Markt and the Nieuwe Markt, and their own bakery. There are 123 rooms, spread over six floors. The hotel provides a wellness area and 160 square metres of meeting space, spread over various rooms. On the roof there is a terrace with a panoramic view over the city of Groningen.


The restaurant includes an open kitchen with cooking islands. This kitchen is equipped with the latest cooking techniques such as induction, the new Rosval Fryer® and the rubberless coolers, Rosval Easy Cooling®. Rosval has also installed a production mise en place kitchen.



Hotel Antwerpen

Van der Valk Hotel Antwerpen is a four-star hotel which joined the Dutch Van der Valk Hotel group in late 2016. Hotel Antwerpen aims to attain a position among the top three four-star hotels in Antwerp. To achieve this goal, the hotel is being transformed into a four-star-plus hotel. Hotel Antwerpen gave Rosval the challenging task of implementing the newest innovations in this commercial kitchen.

Implementation and outcome

Rosval installed the entire design of the commercial kitchen, including a Rosval Topline stove with an induction hub, induction griddle, induction wok, pasta cooker, grill plate, and bain-marie. Additionally, the commercial range is equipped with a single, integrated, seamless top made from 2.5mm thick stainless steel. It was a fantastic project at a beautiful location.

Olympic Hotel

The Olympic Hotel Amsterdam is a part of the development of the Sportas (sports axis) in Amsterdam. With its 50-metre high tower, the hotel will form a landmark of the Sportas and represent a link between the Olympic area and the area encompassing sports facilities. The Olympic Hotel tasked Rosval with the option to deliver the complete kitchen and bar.


In the new Olympic Hotel, Rosval installed an entirely custom-made kitchen. An entirely modern Rosval kitchen: beautiful rounded corners, induction griddles, cold rooms and deep-freeze units, and a washing kitchen. In addition to the kitchen, we were also tasked with installing the design of the bar. The stainless-steel worktops, bar tops, and bar back panels are of very high quality and fitted entirely according to the Olympic Hotel’s wishes. While carrying out this project, the focus was on relieving the burden on the client.

Butcher’s Son*

This pearl of local venues that serve food or drink opened its doors above the brouwerij De Koninck brewery. Bert-Jan had a specific vision of what his stove should look like. This is why he opted for Rosval.


The commercial kitchen stove of The Butcher’s Son* is 8,500 mm long and weighs over 1,500 kg. This huge piece of equipment was delivered in one piece, as was the kitchen line.

Luc Dickens, Bert-Jan’s business partner, also had his own ideas about how the bar should be designed. The space in which it went was limited, so every available centimetre was used. We are happy to say that this project was a fantastic challenge!

Club Zand

Club Zand is a trendy beach pavilion on the beach at Castricum aan Zee. The relaxed vibe and cosmopolitan menu are sure to provide an optimal day of relaxation, all year round. Quote ranks Club Zand among the best beach tents in the Netherlands.


Together with Club Zand, Rosval was able to create a commercial kitchen that we are immensely proud of. The transport of the materials over the beach was an additional challenge.

Sometime after the commercial kitchen was completed, Rosval was tasked with designing a new bar. This was also delivered to the full satisfaction of the client. Visit Club Zand and judge the results for yourself.